Kailani Ice Tea

Massimo Pignata

Discover Massimo, the gelato master behind Delacrem, the artesanal ice cream shop that seems to never stop inventing new original and authentic flavours. 

Where did you get the idea of opening your ice cream shop in Barcelona?

The idea came in Turin, where I lived and worked, while following the emerging trends that were being created in the city in the field of gastronomy.I didn’t know where I wanted to open, until I got to Barcelona … when I saw the place it was obvious!

What is your favourite place in Barcelona?

I love going to PlazaFilip Neri. It’s a magical place full of history and sensations.

What is Delacrem’s motto?

Pure and authentic ice cream, just like its ingredients and the work philosophy behind it.

Where does the idea of a new flavor come from?

It comes from what the seasons propose us, of what the land offers, of looking at other sectors gastronomy, patisserie, and sometimes checking what’s new abroad.

What is the best advice someone has given you?

There were many that I tried to adopt… Perhaps the best piece of advice is the one my parents told me when I was working with them as a child: “when you do a job, do it right! «  This advise was accompanied by their own example as hard workers.

Your tip to start the day well?

Surround yourself with smiles

Now we’ll ask you some questions to get to know you a bit better…

Shirt or T-shirt? T-shirt.

Early bird or night owl? Lately, early bird.

Beach or mountain? Beach (even though I was raised at the foot of the Alps).

One or two flavours? Two.

Cone or cup? Cup.

Traditional or avant-guarde? Traditional.

Speed or perfection? Perfection.

Alone or in a team? In a team, a smiling one.

Black, Green or White? Talking about Kailani of course! Green 😉