Kailani Ice Tea

Lucia Liencres

Energy, freshness, willing to do something different, to get the extra mile, to improve herself and to improve her surroundings. This is what defines Lucia Liencres, or as many know her, The Spaniard Yogi.


How did you start your Yogi adventure? Where did you train as an instructor?

I started with my great-aunt, a lifelong yogi. I took my first class in Madrid but where I truly learnt was during workshops with the best teachers in the world such as Meghan Currie, Simon Park, Peter Sanson o Petri Reisanen.

What does Yoga mean to you? Many of us think that this is meditation. Is it a sport or a philosophy of life?

It is, without a doubt, a philosophy of life. In my case, it’s my medicine, it is what makes me feel good about myself and with the rest of the world everyday. A very important part of yoga is meditation, learning how to live consciously in the present moment.

What was the most difficult thing for you to overcome? Mental, physical barriers, a pose that was more difficult to master? What is your favourite branch and pose? Why?

The perseverance and overcoming laziness. Also, the desire to want to do a pose and not being patient enough to do it, learning to listen to your body and respecting your limits and your evolution. There are thousands of poses that still resist me but this is what makes it beautiful. The yoga poses that are the most difficult to do are the ones we need the most. The “Ashtanga” yoga because it is a really technical and challenging branch for your body and mind, and you have to keep practicing everyday to make any progress.

 How do you think it has changed yourself and the way you see the world? What is the best thing about your profession?

This has been a turning point in my life. Now, I follow my intuition and my heart and I detached myself from my comfort zone and from everything I don’t need. The best thing about it: the satisfaction of seeing the progress of my students and their happy faces when the class ends.

 Which yoga class is the best for beginners?

Anyone, you don’t need to choose one type of yoga to get started, for every kind of yoga, there are beginners.

 Do you maintain a healthy diet? Do you make sure that the food you buy is free from additives, added sugar or artificial colorings?

Yes, I try to whenever I can. My everyday diet is vegetarian when I’m home, and I don’t make it too complicated, I love vegetables, legumes and nuts. When I go out to have dinner, I sometimes eat fish. Balance! haha

 What do you expect a drink to be?

To be as natural as possible, just like Kailani.