Kailani Ice Tea

Liz Evans

Discover Liz Evans, the talented photographer behind the Kailani People project. 

Did you enjoy shooting Kailani People for our new website? 

Absolutely! And this is just the start of what we hope will be an ongoing project, celebrating the talent and energy that’s out there in abundance in this city.

What were some of the challenges?

The biggest challenge is keeping the style of the images cohesive, despite shooting inside and out, early, late, when it’s super bright and yes, sometimes it’s overcast here! A lot of elements have to come together in a short space of time to end up with something special, so you need a bit of pre visualisation, a lot of thinking on your feet, charm, skill, luck! Oh and Guy as an assistant 😉

Do you have any tricks to bring out the personalities of the subjects?

A Kailani helps everyone relax! 😉

Most entrepreneurs understand that their image is fundamental to their brand. Consumers want to put a face to a product, we’re interested in provenance, the back story, we want that connection. My job is to show them off in their best light, capture the glint in their eye, the energy, their intensity, maybe the dynamic between them. These people unwittingly give off something special, I can just let them be themselves while I concentrate on aesthetics.

Describe your style as a portrait photographer?

Stylized, saturated, contrasty, conceptual. Hyperreal real life.

Whose work has influenced you most?

My Dad was a professional photographer so I grew up around a big advertising studio. His attention to detail was second to none. I hold him in the highest esteem. He was bonafide old school talent, a total pedant with a sharp hungry eye.

Among your works, which one is your favourite? Why?

Probably this. It was the morning that the Brexit result had been announced and shards of sun spiked through the bathroom blinds as my kid sat wrapped in a towel after a shower. It says something about disbelief, the future, how bright it should be, how it’s all in their hands, all those clichés…


For you, what makes a good picture? 

Light play. Really seeing it and using it to effect. That and a great space, a great face, texture, perspective, colour, composition… all those elements I mentioned that have to somehow magically come together.

An item you couldn’t live without? 

The Gary Fong light diffuser on my flash that everyone sniggers at but works like a dream.

What was the last song that was stuck in your head?

Mala Rodríguez -Quien Manda is on repeat in our house as it’s the kids’ mate’s Mum.

Early bird or night owl? Sometimes both, sometimes neither!

Beach or Mountain? Mountain.

Portrait or landscape? Portrait!

Colour or black and white? Colour colour colour (and black and white).

Smiling or serious? Serious with smiling eyes is always a winner.

Dawn or dusk light? Dusk for sure.

Inside or outside? Depends.

Natural or posed? Posed. The sooner we learn to the better!

Green, white or black? Kailani of course 😉 Hmmmm, love them all but I go green, given the choice.