Kailani Ice Tea

La Bodega del Sol

Located in the heart of Gracia and the place to visit if you are a craft beer and original soft drinks lovers. Do you know Bodega del Sol? 

Location: Plaça del Sol, 2 – 08012 Barcelona

Kind of drinks : National and imported drinks, with different flavours and from different countries but always high quality. 


The Must-Try: Depending on your personal tastes and with the good advice of the expert of La Bodega del Sol you will find what you were looking for. 

The special touch: The amazing location and the certainty to always find the most special and quality drinks for yourself or for a special event.  

Crowd: Gracia curious passerbys and beer fanatics. 

Dress Code: A dry mouth and bottle opener in the pocket. 

The best table: Across the street, on Plaça del Sol.

Good for: An evening with old friends. 

Masala 73

From a 1973 Mercedes Benz to Calle de Muntaner, Masala 73 brings the best of India on a plate. 

Location: Calle de Muntaner, 152, 08036 Barcelona

Kind of food: Curry bar, naan and other Indian specialties. 


The Must-Try: Each season offers a different menu featuring only the freshest seasonal products. So let yourself be inspired by what chef Kuldeep Singh offers you, and never say no to a handmade naan. 

The Special Touch: Every plate and specialties will make you travel to India without leaving Barcelona. You can also often find their food truck in food markets around the city. 

Crowd:  Traveller souls.

Dress Code: A colourful shirt and a smile. 

Good for: A Friday night treat with friends. 


Welcome to the world of Jean and Xenia, the Franco-Spanish couple behind Mecànic where music, photography, books and coffee lovers have found their sanctuary. 

Location: C/ de Verntallat, 30, 08024 – Barcelona 

Kind of food: Coffee, bagels, quiches, cakes and delicious ice tea. 


The Must-Try: The homemade hummus with a salmon, cream cheese and avocado bagel. For those with a sweet tooth, you should try Xenia’s delicious carrot cake. 

The Special Touch: Located in a former car workshop, Mecànic is divided in different spaces: exhibition space, specialised bookshop and café. A mix of modern and old and an invitation to explore your creativity. 

Crowd: Vinyl nostalgics and photo enthusiasts. 

Dress Code: A grey outfit to match the vintage look of Mecànic. 

Good for: Looking for an atypical afternoon by yourself.

Santa Marta

How about a sip on one of the most iconic places of Barcelona beach? Santa Marta is waiting for you. 

Location: C/ de Grau i Torras, 59 – 08003 (Barcelona)

Kind of food: Nachos, tapas, pizzas, cocktails and delicious ice tea. 


The Must-Try: Pizza, focaccia or piadina, the best of Italy is waiting for you in Santa Marta. 

The Special Touch: The lively waterfront terrace gives a full Barceloneta experience: quiet in Winter and energetic in Summer and always the perfect plan for a nice appetizer with friends. 

Crowd: Tourists and locals share this iconic Barceloneta place. 

Dress Code: flip flops and sun glasses 

Good for: A relaxing Sunday evening with friends. 

Jaime Beriestain Café

Enter the world of renowned interior designer Jaime Beriestain and enjoy a quality menu in its superb concept store. 

Location: C/ Pau Claris, 167 – 08037 Barcelona 

Kind of food: Cocktail, coffee, Mediterranean and international cuisine and Kailani.

Price: €€

The Must-Try: Pour yourself a cold Kailani in the cosmopolitan and trendy multi space before enjoying the delicious mushroom risotto with black truffle. 

The Special Touch: Modern and classic at the same time, it’s incredible design furnitures and look make it one of the most special places of Barcelona. 

Crowd: People of all age looking for an eclectic experience. 

Dress Code: Colourful elegance. 

La Real Hamburguesería

Get to know La Real Hamburguesería, one of the best burger places that already convinced Barcelona burger lovers with its gourmet and quality burgers with a little something from Venezuela. Try them with your favourite ice tea. 

Location: C/ de Valencia 285, 08009 – Barcelona

Kind of food: Gourmet street food with influences from Venezuela. 

Price: €€

The Must-Try: La de Brie, a mix between savoury and sweet with artesanal brie cheese with rhubarb jam and bacon. An original burger that you will fill your burger needs. 

The special touch: The welcoming staff and the great atmosphere will make you feel like home. 

Crowd: Families, friends and foodies. 

Dress Code: Casual with a red cap. 

The best table: If you’re lucky you can get one of the tables of the terrace outside, to enjoy your burger while watching passersby. 

Good for: Sunday night treat. 

Martin Ebner

Get to know Martin Ebner, certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist behind Ebylife

Born in Scotland, what made you want to move to Barcelona? 

I was actually living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 7 years prior to moving to Barcelona so Scotland didn’t necessarily feature into the equation. My wife and I had spent a summer in Barcelona a couple of years prior to moving and we instantly fell in love with Barcelona’s charm. Closer to home, a more stable economy, a very similar climate and language than Argentina. It was a no brainer really!

When and how did you start Ebylife? 

I started Ebylife in Buenos Aires around 5 years ago. After a few close friends asked me if I would be willing to train them, I enthusiastically agreed to start a group fitness class that would eventually become known as Abfab. Having spent the good majority of my life working out, I was keen to try my hand at helping those around me to get fit and healthy. Needless to say the training sessions were a big success and it wasn’t long until I was training friends of friends and then eventually attracting a wider range of clients requesting personal training and nutrition services. Ebylife was born!

What is the motto of Ebylife? 

I truly believe that no two people are exactly the same. Everyone has different goals, body types, abilities, personalities and lifestyle factors that affect their ability to train and live a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I offer a very personalised approach to fitness. By taking the time to get to know each and every client on a personal level, I can offer a more tailored approach to training and nutrition which often produces more effective results.

For you, the most important quality to have to be a good personal trainer? 

That’s a very good question. I would have to say one of the most important qualities is the ability to put those around you at ease. I get a lot of new clients that are often very nervous about working out for the first time or after a long break. It’s my job as a personal trainer to put them at ease and squash any self-doubts and fears they have as quickly as possible. That way they can relax, enjoy and focus on what’s most important, getting fit and healthy!

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

Without a doubt, it’s seeing the quality of my client’s lives improve.

Many people will start an exercise and healthy diet plan to obtain a more aesthetically pleasing body – a beach bod if you will! While this is an extremely important factor and something I always work towards with my clients, it’s often the smaller benefits like feeling stronger and fitter, better sleep, more energy, less aches and pains and more confidence that give my clients the most pleasure. This for me, is extremely rewarding!

Have you always been living the Ebylife lifestyle? 

I’ve always been a very active person despite a few rather podgy years in my teens. Having played ice hockey as a youth, been an avid runner in my late teens and early twenties, done snowboard seasons in New Zealand and the US, I was always very interested sports. However, it wasn’t until I became a personal trainer and got certified that I really began to live the “Ebylife lifestyle”. A very important part of being a personal trainer is living the life you preach and I genuinely do live it! I’m constantly trying out new training methods and diet plans so that I can separate the fact from the fiction and then pass on the most accurate information to my clients first hand.

What is your trick to start your day? 

A strong coffee, a big bowl of porridge oats (Come on i’m Scottish) and a workout. I truly believe that by kick starting your day with some hearty food and a good sweat, you set yourself up to dominate the day.

The best advice someone ever gave you? 

From my dad who stole it from Lao Tzu. lol

During a difficult moment my dad said to me “If you’re anxious, you’re living in the future. If you’re depressed, you’re living in the past. If you are at peace, you’re living in the present.”  For some reason it really stuck with me and it’s something I always try to live by. I know it’s much easier said than done but if you can learn to really appreciate and live in the present, you’ll be a far happier person for it.  Life is too short to live anywhere but in the now!

An item you couldn’t live without? 

I should probably say something like my kettlebells or resistance bands but let’s be honest, if I didn’t have fitness equipment I could easily find a way to exercise without them. I’m a bit of a coffee fiend so I would probably have to say my Aeropress and milk frother!

Now we will ask you some questions so we can get to know you a bit more.

Beach or mountain? 

Does it have to be one or the other?! lol I’ve lived in the mountains and on the beach and genuinely love them both equally!

Early bird or night owl? 

Early bird.

Inside or outside? 

Outside 100%

Alone or in a group? 


Scotland or Spain?

Scotland for family, old friends, the humour and fish and chips with brown sauce. Spain for everything else.

Endurance or strength? 

80% Strength, 20% endurance.

Relaxing or invigorating? 

80% invigorating, 20% relaxing.

Black, white or green? Talking about Kailani of course!



Discover the magic world of Demasié where you will be surrounded by colour, positivity and the best cinnamon rolls in town. Will you be able to resist? 

Location: C/ de la Princesa, 28 – 08003 Barcelona

Kind of food: Rolls, cupcakes, cookies and delicious ice tea.


The Must-Try: It is not home of the cinnamon roll for nothing! So go ahead and try it, you won’t be disappointed. But don’t hesitate to come back soon after to try one of their many other delicious flavours: chocolate, dulce de leche, Oreo, Baklava…

The special touch: The unfailing good cheer of Marc, the owner of Demasié, and the incredible combined smell of the pastries coming out of the oven.

Crowd: Curious and regulars that followed their heart.

Dress Code: A loose t-shirt to be able to eat a lot without any complex.

The best table: Near by the rolls.

Good for: Cheering up after a bad day.