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Get to know Paula and Miriam, the half Colombian, half Canarian duo behind the electric jewellery brand Gaviria Jewellery

How and when was Gaviria created?

Gaviria was founded in 2015 by the designer Paula Gaviria who previously worked at WGSN, Karl Lagerfeld and Inditex. Later I, Miriam Estévez  joined the project and brought my own knowledge of luxury, after working with brands such as Chloé or Piaget.

How your duo’s melting pot influences your style? 

Working together has been building up the brand little by little until merging ideas and becoming stronger. Paula comes from the fashion world, advertisement and trends while I come from industrial, graphic and luxurious design. Bringing all the worlds together and our shared passion for art and contemporary culture are the things that have most influenced our everyday life and defined our style.

Who are the artists that inspire you the most? 

Every collection is based on an artistic movement o a specific artist. For us, culture and contemporary art is the starting point of our designs. In the last collections, we have drawn on artists like Jeff Kons or Anish Kapoor and art movements such as Pop Art and the film genre Spaghetti Western. We love moving from one era to another and reinterpreting the passionating world of art in our own way.

Between all your jewels, which one is your favourite? 

It’s hard to talk about only one product. Each one of our jewels talks to us in a different way and send us to a different universe. Maybe we would chose the earring Fortune Cookie or the earring Anish. They were one of the first designs, they shaped the line of the brand and until now they remain timeless.

Gaviria’s motto? 

Tutti Frutti is our favourite colour! 🙂

What exciting news are about to happen for Gaviria? 

We have numerous news that we can’t reveal yet! Soon enough, we’ll communicate about  it on our social media. We are really happy to see that hardwork is paying off. What we can say though is that our jewels will soon be available in Japan, Korea, China, The United States, Germany and London. And also really soon, we’ll present our new collection in Paris with our showroom Rainbowwave.

Gaviria in one song? 

Each collection is based on an art movement as well as songs that add up to this world. While we were shooting the campaign for the collection Spaghetti Western our song was Another Weekend of Pink. Now we can’t stop listening to Yo!My Saint.

An item you couldn’t live without? 

We’d say our calendar, the sketchbook and the phone.

Your advices to start you day well? 

Everyday we meet to organise our tasks and prioritise them. It is really important to keep everything under control to make sure everything comes to perfection.

Now we’re going to ask you some littles questions to get to know you better. 

Beach or mountain? 

Paula prefers the mountain as for me I’d say the beach.

Early birds or night owl? 

Depends on the day.

Fast or slow?

Fast! We never stop!

Electric or pastel? 

We accord with electric.

Traditional or avant-guardiste?

A mix in between.

¿Chic or choc? 


From Barcelona or international?


Black, green or white? Talking about Kailani of course! 

Always white!