Kailani Ice Tea

FIU House

Get to know Roger and Humbert, the young and creative entrepreneurs behind the new place to be for creative souls, FIU House.

How and when did you meet each other to create FIUHouse? 

Four years ago when we graduated from the university. What started as a final project became a perfect excuse to stop working and start living a constant dream. 

Could you explain to us the concept of FIUHouse? 

FIUHouse is a meeting point for active minds from the creative world that meet up to work together and grow personally and professionally. A place where we build dreams together, always led by passion, effort, growth and will to learn. 

What are the different profiles of Fiuers? 

Right now, with a community of more than 50 fiuers, there’s a variety of more than 13 different disciplines in the FIUHouse. Disciplines related to visual arts (most of them) such as graphic design, illustration, photography, editorial design, painting, motion graphics as well as writting or even cooking. Profiles dedicated to different disciplines but united in their way of thinking and working. 

Where did that idea of collaborating with Llop (En Compañía de Lobos) come from?

A contact that we had in En Compañía de Lobos knew FIUHouse from when we were a festival/itinerant event and saw an opportunity to boost the second room of the restaurant, that until now had been left empty.  

FIUHouse’s motto? 

FIU is the sound a rocket makes when taking off. House is because we want the young creatives that enter our space to feel like home. 

Your tricks to start the day? 

Be grateful for waking up to another day. Thinking of the reasons why we consider ourselves lucky. Take a shower. Take a good breakfast and get out of your house while listening to the best song of our playlist. 

The last song that was stuck in your head? 

Rampue – Una Bluna

The best advice someone has ever given you? 

Take advantage of fear and turn it into an opportunity. 

Now we will ask you some quick questions to get to know you better. 

Early birds or night owls? 

Early birds. 

Beach or mountain? 


Coworking or creative studio? 

Creative studio. 

Work or leisure? 


By day or by night? 

By night. 

Alone or together? 


Black, Green or White, talking about Kailani of course! 😉