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Discover Antoine, the person in charge of the Barcelona chapter of the international NGO Surfrider Foundation, our partner for more than a year now and the association behind great initiatives that help prevent plastic contamination among many other things. 

What are the missions of the Barcelona chapter of Surfrider?

The objective of Surfrider is to educate on the problems of marine pollution. Show that an immense part of marine pollution comes from lands (80%), and that to reduce the impact on ecosystems, it is necessary to modify bad habits that we have every day, in our consumptions, in the street, or in our bathrooms.

 When did you decide to join Surfrider Foundation?

As an ocean lover, I knew Surfrider for long time ago. I saw the ecological situation being worst and worst. When I arrived in Barcelona, I met Amandine who has the same sensibility for ocean. We talked a lot about the inaction of people with that huge problem. Living near to Mediterranean Sea, it was obvious for us: we had to do our part of the job to protect this marvellous Earth, and we decided 2 years ago to create the Barcelona chapter.

What is an achievement that made you proud?

This mission is essential for me because it allows me to finally be an actor in the protection of the planet. His lamentable state in which the Human leaves it can not leave people indifferent and I feel that we have no right to sit and do nothing. That’s why I feel proud to say “I stand up for the oceans, I’m a seed of change. Oceans give us so much, we have to thank them, helping them”

What is the most rewarding part of your volunteering job? 

What motivates us the most is when people see us doing our actions, wondering most innocently why we pick up waste, why we invest in this fight, and then say to ourselves “that’s good what you are doing”. They are indignant that people are doing nothing and they accompagn us, leaving their activity that they had at that moment.

 What can we do on a daily basis to help prevent marine pollution?

It’s finally a lot of small actions that seem trivial but at the end of the chain are huge problems. 80% of the wastes present at sea come from the cities via the toilets or sewers. Generally, we must reduce our purchases of plastic for short-term use.

Cotton buds, sanitary towel, etc. are not biodegradable, do not throw them in the toilets! Bins exist ?

The butts in the street are a calamity, they end up in sewers then directly at sea, and each one can contaminate 500L of water with heavy metal and toxic element they contain.

Plastic bags, small pieces of plastic fly away quickly, straws etc. end up at sea and kill wildlife!

Finally, if each of us picked up the waste on our way back from the beach, they would be quickly clean.

How can someone become a volunteer for Surfrider Foundation?

Surfrider has branches all over Europe and around the world. First, everyone can get closer to a Surfrider near home, and participate in organized actions. Otherwise, there is the possibility of getting yourself a branch and getting involved in the fight, the idea being to project on at least 4 actions per year. It is a real educational work, more than a cleaning job, which is more symbolic.

Now we will ask you some questions so we can get to know you better.

Early bird or night owl? 

Early bird

Midnight swim or morning run?

Morning run !

Surf rider or beach napper?

Surf rider.

Atlantic wild or Mediterranean calm?

Atlantic wild 😀

France or Spain?

Hard question.. Spanish life with French food. ?

Glass or plastic?

Glass, say no to plastic !

Black, white or green? Talking about Kailani of course!

Green !