Kailani Ice Tea

The Healthiest Choice

Located in the heart of Barceloneta, 5min away from the beach you will find the paradise of healthy food lovers. As tasty as it is nutritious, there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure in The Healthiest Choice. 

Location: Mercado de Plaza Poeta Bosca, 1 – 08003 Barcelona

Kind of food : Delicious brunch, weekly menus, pancakes, salads, toasts and many more options. 


The Must-Try: Try out their weekly plan and enjoy everyday a delicious and healthy meal delivered right at your door. Save money and time while taking care of yourself with nutritious food. 

The special touch: The big and luminous space and the amazing location. Perfect to enjoy after a little swim in the sea. 

Crowd: Young and healthy curious from Barcelona and abroad. 

Dress Code: Swimwear and sunscreen. 

The best table: Near by the window to enjoy the amazing light. 

Good for: A nice brunch with friends after enjoying the beach. 

The Green Spot

Many have heard of the new healthy project by En Compañía de Lobos, The Green Spot, and, since these guys behind it boast extensive experience, we were sure it would be an absolute success.


Organic colours where wood and esparto combine to transform a large open space into a cosy corner. Simple, beautiful cutlery everywhere. And the object of our desire: WO & WÉ lamps that add a very art déco touch.

As the restaurant’s own motto says, this is a vegetarian menu for non-vegetarians: it’s able to convince even the most reluctant carnivore.

From the first to the last bite, you’ll love discovering all the new flavours on offer here. Their varied menu allows you to travel to different parts of the globe, from Asia to Latin America. At The Green Spot you’ll enjoy vegetables and legumes in all their versions, and you won’t even realise there’s no meat or fish on the menu.

Our personal favourites: we recommend starting with the kale chips, the beetroot tartare, the sweet potato spaghetti or any one of their original, delicious pizzas.

An extensive menu which, following the philosophy of The Green Spot — no sugars, no conservatives and strictly vegetarian — you will now be able to mix with our iced teas in any of their flavours.  Can you think of a better combination? Not us — cheers!