Kailani Ice Tea

Cal Fruitós

Discover the local fruit and vegetable stores Cal Fruitós where you can already find your Kailani Ice Tea. 

Where to refresh yourself?

Throughout the whole city! In fact, the chain has 10 stores, 8 of them located all over Barcelona: Eixample, Grácia, Sant Martí, La Sagrera.. Discover here where you can find the best fruits and vegetables of Barcelona, ​​and the best ice teas.

The Special Touch: For almost 80 years, Cal Fruitós family has been specialized in the sale of fruits and vegetables. This know-how and this passion for fresh products guarantee the purchase of local and quality products at all time.

What can be found in Cal Fruitós?

Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can get a great variety of fresh and healthy products in each of Cal Fruitós’ stores. From olive oil from Siurana to Falset wine, daily consumption organic products and sugar-free or Stevia sweetened delicacies, everyone finds their happiness!

Crowd: Lovers of fresh and healthy products.

Dress code: Wicker basket and a flower shirt