Kailani Ice Tea


Discover Chivuo’s, one of the best street food restaurants in Barcelona. Famous for its authentic sandwiches, home made chips and original craft beer. 

Location: Fortunately for us, we can enjoy Chivuo’s burgers throughout Barcelona. Raval, Gracia or Eixample, the toughest part is choosing.

Kind of food: Using their own words, we could say that the kind of food is « Slow Street Food ».

Price: €€

The Must-Try: Although we like them all, our favourite one is the « Chivuo’s » burger. The original recipe combines perfectly with the home made chips and the delicious barbacoa sauce. Then, you’ll only need to refresh yourself with a Kailani and enjoy the moment.

The Special Touch: The jam jars they use as glasses for the craft beer and the old glass bottles that contain the home made sauces give an authentic and friendly touch to all three restaurants.

Crowd: Young people from all around the world who share a passion for quality street food.

Dress Code: Jeans, a beard and Dr Martens.

The best table: The bigger the better so you can order more.

Good for: A Sunday night to finish the weekend as you deserve.