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Alessandra Oram

Passionate about yoga and after living in Hong Kong for 10 years as an Architectural Designer, Alessandra and her husband decided to launch RecklessRed-OM in Barcelona, a long-lasting, chic, eco-conscious yoga accessories brand. 

You’ve been traveling a lot. Why did you decide to settle down in Barcelona? 

We never intended to actually stay in Hong Kong for as long as we did! But we both found that once you create a life for yourself anywhere really, stable job, set up your apartment, with all your things, make friends, etc it ends up becoming SUPER HARD to ever leave. But with regards to quality of life, we always knew that Barcelona was a destination and a lifestyle that we wanted for ourselves. We just got married last year… so i guess that prompted things and pushed our move to get our butts out here and give Barcelona life a go before we become too old and settled somewhere else!!!

Are there any similarities between the Hong Kong and the Barcelona culture? 

Hmmmm…..I see them as totally two different worlds. Both cultures are beautiful but if I had to think hard about finding one, I would say… perhaps… the same way you are proud Catalans, the Hong Kong people are proud Cantonese.

What does Yoga mean to you?

Hmmmm… this could be a deep question… haha. But I’ll keep it light 😛

I initially came to yoga, for the same reasons that most people come to yoga, for flexibility, stress relief health and physical fitness. But like most people, this primary reason for doing yoga will most likely CHANGE as it starts to transform your life outside of just the physical practice. I had this change of heart regarding why I practice yoga, it started to change to a more spiritual and self-actualization experience, a sense of fulfilling my potential. Yoga offers so much self-reflection, the practice of kindness and continued growth.

What is your company RecklessRed-OM’s motto? 

“Stay True to Yourself”

Reckless Red are for all the believers, thinkers and creators out there, who breakaway from the societies pressures and act on what they feel. We are a group of Designers and Yogis, who have always grown up feeling different, and through our brand and our products, we remain different and unusual. Our products are not necessarily made of the conventional materials or produced the easier (cheaper) way. We stay true to our product, always striving for the best and we are extremely open and transparent as a company. I find that our brand manages to connect with individuals well, as we show that we are REAL PEOPLE behind this brand. We don’t pretend to be something we are not and people either like us or don’t.

If you could roll out your yoga mat anywhere in the world, where would it be?

In your own home. There is no need to dream big and imagine a yoga practice would be better in some exotic villa in Bali or on a retreat in India. You can #unrollthemagic and have the most amazing experience in your own self practice at home. People should get comfortable with making time at home, and the space to dedicate to their practice. 🙂

Your tip to start the day well? 

Wake up early with a warm cup of lemon water! + sneak in some YOGA of course. 😛

What was the last song that was stuck in your head?

The “Stranger Things” intro song. (I’ve just binged watched the whole of Season 2!!!)

Now some questions to get to know you better. 

Hong Kong or Barcelona?

Thats a hard question – a mean one 🙁

but if I had to be stuck in one for the rest of my life….. BARCELONA! 😛

Beach or mountain? 

Beach, I may be an addict!

Early bird or night owl? 

I get periods of being an early bird, but can easily slip into being a night owl. But I am happiest as an Early Bird!

Yoga: ¿a sport or a philosophy?

Starts off as a Sport but turns into a Philosophy.

Inside or outside?

Outside!!!!… every day!

Alone or in a group? 


Even when it comes to yoga practice. A group practice is way more powerful  & enjoyable experience than Self practice.

Calming or invigorating? 


I am an extremely chilled person.

Black, Green or White? Talking about Kailani of course!

Green!  🙂

Oli Moon

Get to know Oli, the entrepreneur behind Poke Maoli, the first Poke place in Barcelona that everyone is talking about.    


You’ve lived in lot of different places, how come you ended up in Barcelona? 

My father is from here – I am half Spanish, half American. I have split my life 50/50 between those places.

Poke is the hot food of the moment, how did you spot the trend? 

I spotted it in October 2014 in California before it was even a trend. I saw it and it just made sense. Build your own bowl – delicious, healthy and affordable and all custom-made. Like a deconstructed sushi! And you don’t have to share!

Any exciting development with Poke Maoli coming soon? 

We have just launched our own delivery service at pokemaoli.com. We can now serve the whole Barcelona city centre.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Believe in yourself and trust your instincts.

Hot or cold: Cold.

Early bird or night owl: Night owl.

Beach or mountain: Beach.

Shirt or T-shirt: T-shirt.

Tuna or salmon: Tuna.

Hawaii or Barcelona: Barcelona.

Chop stick or fork: Chop stick.

Sweet or savoury: Savoury.

Black, Green or White? (Talking about Kailani obviously): Green.

Liz Evans

Discover Liz Evans, the talented photographer behind the Kailani People project. 

Did you enjoy shooting Kailani People for our new website? 

Absolutely! And this is just the start of what we hope will be an ongoing project, celebrating the talent and energy that’s out there in abundance in this city.

What were some of the challenges?

The biggest challenge is keeping the style of the images cohesive, despite shooting inside and out, early, late, when it’s super bright and yes, sometimes it’s overcast here! A lot of elements have to come together in a short space of time to end up with something special, so you need a bit of pre visualisation, a lot of thinking on your feet, charm, skill, luck! Oh and Guy as an assistant 😉

Do you have any tricks to bring out the personalities of the subjects?

A Kailani helps everyone relax! 😉

Most entrepreneurs understand that their image is fundamental to their brand. Consumers want to put a face to a product, we’re interested in provenance, the back story, we want that connection. My job is to show them off in their best light, capture the glint in their eye, the energy, their intensity, maybe the dynamic between them. These people unwittingly give off something special, I can just let them be themselves while I concentrate on aesthetics.

Describe your style as a portrait photographer?

Stylized, saturated, contrasty, conceptual. Hyperreal real life.

Whose work has influenced you most?

My Dad was a professional photographer so I grew up around a big advertising studio. His attention to detail was second to none. I hold him in the highest esteem. He was bonafide old school talent, a total pedant with a sharp hungry eye.

Among your works, which one is your favourite? Why?

Probably this. It was the morning that the Brexit result had been announced and shards of sun spiked through the bathroom blinds as my kid sat wrapped in a towel after a shower. It says something about disbelief, the future, how bright it should be, how it’s all in their hands, all those clichés…


For you, what makes a good picture? 

Light play. Really seeing it and using it to effect. That and a great space, a great face, texture, perspective, colour, composition… all those elements I mentioned that have to somehow magically come together.

An item you couldn’t live without? 

The Gary Fong light diffuser on my flash that everyone sniggers at but works like a dream.

What was the last song that was stuck in your head?

Mala Rodríguez -Quien Manda is on repeat in our house as it’s the kids’ mate’s Mum.

Early bird or night owl? Sometimes both, sometimes neither!

Beach or Mountain? Mountain.

Portrait or landscape? Portrait!

Colour or black and white? Colour colour colour (and black and white).

Smiling or serious? Serious with smiling eyes is always a winner.

Dawn or dusk light? Dusk for sure.

Inside or outside? Depends.

Natural or posed? Posed. The sooner we learn to the better!

Green, white or black? Kailani of course 😉 Hmmmm, love them all but I go green, given the choice.

Massimo Pignata

Discover Massimo, the gelato master behind Delacrem, the artesanal ice cream shop that seems to never stop inventing new original and authentic flavours. 

Where did you get the idea of opening your ice cream shop in Barcelona?

The idea came in Turin, where I lived and worked, while following the emerging trends that were being created in the city in the field of gastronomy.I didn’t know where I wanted to open, until I got to Barcelona … when I saw the place it was obvious!

What is your favourite place in Barcelona?

I love going to PlazaFilip Neri. It’s a magical place full of history and sensations.

What is Delacrem’s motto?

Pure and authentic ice cream, just like its ingredients and the work philosophy behind it.

Where does the idea of a new flavor come from?

It comes from what the seasons propose us, of what the land offers, of looking at other sectors gastronomy, patisserie, and sometimes checking what’s new abroad.

What is the best advice someone has given you?

There were many that I tried to adopt… Perhaps the best piece of advice is the one my parents told me when I was working with them as a child: “when you do a job, do it right! «  This advise was accompanied by their own example as hard workers.

Your tip to start the day well?

Surround yourself with smiles

Now we’ll ask you some questions to get to know you a bit better…

Shirt or T-shirt? T-shirt.

Early bird or night owl? Lately, early bird.

Beach or mountain? Beach (even though I was raised at the foot of the Alps).

One or two flavours? Two.

Cone or cup? Cup.

Traditional or avant-guarde? Traditional.

Speed or perfection? Perfection.

Alone or in a team? In a team, a smiling one.

Black, Green or White? Talking about Kailani of course! Green 😉

Bloomint Design

Caroline Jaussaud, Caroline Savin y Manu Bauzá are the three designers behind the interior design studio Bloomint Design, created in 2012. This international team do not hesitate to use their inspiration and talent to realize projects on the other side of the world to create unique designs. 

What is Bloomint? 

A studio of interior design with a Barcelona vision to the rest of the world. Even though we’re only reinventing ourselves, in the future it could be much more than that.

How did you guys meet each other? 

Caroline and Caroline are friends from college, Manu met them in Barcelona during a party and also from college.

How do your cultural differences influence your style?

It has an impact in the fact that every project has different perspectives and we are more demanding and critical facing our own ideas since every one of us has a different experience and culture.

Where does your inspiration come from? 

Each one of us has its own source of inspiration, but generally it comes from our experience and what we get to know. We love traveling and get in touch with everything that is different, that makes you feel awake and focused on what really matters.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Work is not everything, but it will occupy a lot of your time, so do something that you like.

Another one would be, “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

Apart from Barcelona, where would you like to live? 

Manu: Mallorca.

Caroline S: lately, Ibiza.

Caroline J: somewhere tropical.

Now we’ll ask you some quick question to get to know you better: 

Hot or cold?


Early birds or night owls?

Carolines: Night owls.

Manu: Early bird.

Miró or Picasso?


Old or modern?


Bright or pastel?


Paint or wallpaper?


Gaudi or Gaudi?


Functional or esthetic?



Black, green or white? Talking about Kailani obviously 😉

Carolines: white.

Manu: green.

Lucia Liencres

Energy, freshness, willing to do something different, to get the extra mile, to improve herself and to improve her surroundings. This is what defines Lucia Liencres, or as many know her, The Spaniard Yogi.


How did you start your Yogi adventure? Where did you train as an instructor?

I started with my great-aunt, a lifelong yogi. I took my first class in Madrid but where I truly learnt was during workshops with the best teachers in the world such as Meghan Currie, Simon Park, Peter Sanson o Petri Reisanen.

What does Yoga mean to you? Many of us think that this is meditation. Is it a sport or a philosophy of life?

It is, without a doubt, a philosophy of life. In my case, it’s my medicine, it is what makes me feel good about myself and with the rest of the world everyday. A very important part of yoga is meditation, learning how to live consciously in the present moment.

What was the most difficult thing for you to overcome? Mental, physical barriers, a pose that was more difficult to master? What is your favourite branch and pose? Why?

The perseverance and overcoming laziness. Also, the desire to want to do a pose and not being patient enough to do it, learning to listen to your body and respecting your limits and your evolution. There are thousands of poses that still resist me but this is what makes it beautiful. The yoga poses that are the most difficult to do are the ones we need the most. The “Ashtanga” yoga because it is a really technical and challenging branch for your body and mind, and you have to keep practicing everyday to make any progress.

 How do you think it has changed yourself and the way you see the world? What is the best thing about your profession?

This has been a turning point in my life. Now, I follow my intuition and my heart and I detached myself from my comfort zone and from everything I don’t need. The best thing about it: the satisfaction of seeing the progress of my students and their happy faces when the class ends.

 Which yoga class is the best for beginners?

Anyone, you don’t need to choose one type of yoga to get started, for every kind of yoga, there are beginners.

 Do you maintain a healthy diet? Do you make sure that the food you buy is free from additives, added sugar or artificial colorings?

Yes, I try to whenever I can. My everyday diet is vegetarian when I’m home, and I don’t make it too complicated, I love vegetables, legumes and nuts. When I go out to have dinner, I sometimes eat fish. Balance! haha

 What do you expect a drink to be?

To be as natural as possible, just like Kailani.