Kailani Ice Tea

Cal Fruitós

Discover the local fruit and vegetable stores Cal Fruitós where you can already find your Kailani Ice Tea. 

Where to refresh yourself?

Throughout the whole city! In fact, the chain has 10 stores, 8 of them located all over Barcelona: Eixample, Grácia, Sant Martí, La Sagrera.. Discover here where you can find the best fruits and vegetables of Barcelona, ​​and the best ice teas.

The Special Touch: For almost 80 years, Cal Fruitós family has been specialized in the sale of fruits and vegetables. This know-how and this passion for fresh products guarantee the purchase of local and quality products at all time.

What can be found in Cal Fruitós?

Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can get a great variety of fresh and healthy products in each of Cal Fruitós’ stores. From olive oil from Siurana to Falset wine, daily consumption organic products and sugar-free or Stevia sweetened delicacies, everyone finds their happiness!

Crowd: Lovers of fresh and healthy products.

Dress code: Wicker basket and a flower shirt

Massimo Pignata

Discover Massimo, the gelato master behind Delacrem, the artesanal ice cream shop that seems to never stop inventing new original and authentic flavours. 

Where did you get the idea of opening your ice cream shop in Barcelona?

The idea came in Turin, where I lived and worked, while following the emerging trends that were being created in the city in the field of gastronomy.I didn’t know where I wanted to open, until I got to Barcelona … when I saw the place it was obvious!

What is your favourite place in Barcelona?

I love going to PlazaFilip Neri. It’s a magical place full of history and sensations.

What is Delacrem’s motto?

Pure and authentic ice cream, just like its ingredients and the work philosophy behind it.

Where does the idea of a new flavor come from?

It comes from what the seasons propose us, of what the land offers, of looking at other sectors gastronomy, patisserie, and sometimes checking what’s new abroad.

What is the best advice someone has given you?

There were many that I tried to adopt… Perhaps the best piece of advice is the one my parents told me when I was working with them as a child: “when you do a job, do it right! «  This advise was accompanied by their own example as hard workers.

Your tip to start the day well?

Surround yourself with smiles

Now we’ll ask you some questions to get to know you a bit better…

Shirt or T-shirt? T-shirt.

Early bird or night owl? Lately, early bird.

Beach or mountain? Beach (even though I was raised at the foot of the Alps).

One or two flavours? Two.

Cone or cup? Cup.

Traditional or avant-guarde? Traditional.

Speed or perfection? Perfection.

Alone or in a team? In a team, a smiling one.

Black, Green or White? Talking about Kailani of course! Green 😉


Located in the heart of the Gothic district, Enkel is on a little street between Plaza Saint Jaume and Plaza Real. With its modern and purified style, Enkel has become the place-to-be to enjoy a cool afterwork, quality hamburgers or an unforgettable brunch.

Location: Baixada de Sant Miquel, 6 – Gothic District.

Kind of food: Brunch, burgers, salads.

Price: $$

The Must-Try: Enkel has recently opened but everyone already agrees on the quality of their dishes, an explosion of flavour and freshness! We recommend its already famous Shakshuka, the perfect combination to start your day.

The Special Touch: the balance between the modernism of the design, the authenticity of its products, and its commitment to serve craft and local products. Handmade beers, local wines, specialty coffee and quality soft drinks are the key words of the alternative proposal made by Enkel. Also, the service is always perfect and the staff very friendly.

Crowd: Like its owners, Fabio and Jovan, Enkel’s lovers are young and cool and want to eat and drink well.

Dress code: Check shirt and glasses.

The Best Table: The table of the window that lets you look at the pedestrians of the Baixada de Sant Miquel walking down the old town.

Good for: Afterwork with colleagues to enjoy fresh drinks and lounge music.

Bloomint Design

Caroline Jaussaud, Caroline Savin y Manu Bauzá are the three designers behind the interior design studio Bloomint Design, created in 2012. This international team do not hesitate to use their inspiration and talent to realize projects on the other side of the world to create unique designs. 

What is Bloomint? 

A studio of interior design with a Barcelona vision to the rest of the world. Even though we’re only reinventing ourselves, in the future it could be much more than that.

How did you guys meet each other? 

Caroline and Caroline are friends from college, Manu met them in Barcelona during a party and also from college.

How do your cultural differences influence your style?

It has an impact in the fact that every project has different perspectives and we are more demanding and critical facing our own ideas since every one of us has a different experience and culture.

Where does your inspiration come from? 

Each one of us has its own source of inspiration, but generally it comes from our experience and what we get to know. We love traveling and get in touch with everything that is different, that makes you feel awake and focused on what really matters.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Work is not everything, but it will occupy a lot of your time, so do something that you like.

Another one would be, “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

Apart from Barcelona, where would you like to live? 

Manu: Mallorca.

Caroline S: lately, Ibiza.

Caroline J: somewhere tropical.

Now we’ll ask you some quick question to get to know you better: 

Hot or cold?


Early birds or night owls?

Carolines: Night owls.

Manu: Early bird.

Miró or Picasso?


Old or modern?


Bright or pastel?


Paint or wallpaper?


Gaudi or Gaudi?


Functional or esthetic?



Black, green or white? Talking about Kailani obviously 😉

Carolines: white.

Manu: green.

La Cala

Many restaurants are opening all the time in Barcelona but few are as successful as La Cala after only few weeks. And we understand why! Its privileged location, its tasty food and its sweet pink atmosphere leaves no doubt about the promising future of the little charismatic place. 

Location: Carrer Escar, 18 – La Barceloneta

It has a large terrace with a great view of the marina of Barcelona. Perfect to enjoy an ice tea this summer!

Kind of food: salads, sandwiches, coffee and cakes. Simplicity and freshness are the key words of the elaboration of the food in La Cala.

Price: $

The must-try: if you like sweet and savoury recipes, the goat cheese, honey, pear and nuts salad will delight you. Also, you must try the delicious Dronuts that have contributed to the success of La Cala.  

The special touch: the vintage pastel pink style of La Cala seems to leave us out of time and willing to spend the whole day on the terrace and under the sun.

Crowd: Young and active people, willing to take time to enjoy a healthy and tasty meal are the regular clients of La Cala.

Dress Code: flip-flops, short pants and a smile.

The best table: The tables on the terrace to enjoy the view and the amazing boats of the harbour.

Good for: A lunch between friends under the sun!

Barcelona Surf Film Festival

For the second year in a row, Kailani drink of choice of the Barcelona Surf Film Festival

For three days, Kailani has refreshed surfers and ocean lovers from all over the world at the Barcelona Surf Film Festival where Cinema meets the ocean. The perfect occasion to discover the latests surf news, listen to live music and learn from pros at the Barcelona Surf Talks. And of course, getting to watch the best international surf movies while drinking a fresh Kailani!



Lucia Liencres

Energy, freshness, willing to do something different, to get the extra mile, to improve herself and to improve her surroundings. This is what defines Lucia Liencres, or as many know her, The Spaniard Yogi.


How did you start your Yogi adventure? Where did you train as an instructor?

I started with my great-aunt, a lifelong yogi. I took my first class in Madrid but where I truly learnt was during workshops with the best teachers in the world such as Meghan Currie, Simon Park, Peter Sanson o Petri Reisanen.

What does Yoga mean to you? Many of us think that this is meditation. Is it a sport or a philosophy of life?

It is, without a doubt, a philosophy of life. In my case, it’s my medicine, it is what makes me feel good about myself and with the rest of the world everyday. A very important part of yoga is meditation, learning how to live consciously in the present moment.

What was the most difficult thing for you to overcome? Mental, physical barriers, a pose that was more difficult to master? What is your favourite branch and pose? Why?

The perseverance and overcoming laziness. Also, the desire to want to do a pose and not being patient enough to do it, learning to listen to your body and respecting your limits and your evolution. There are thousands of poses that still resist me but this is what makes it beautiful. The yoga poses that are the most difficult to do are the ones we need the most. The “Ashtanga” yoga because it is a really technical and challenging branch for your body and mind, and you have to keep practicing everyday to make any progress.

 How do you think it has changed yourself and the way you see the world? What is the best thing about your profession?

This has been a turning point in my life. Now, I follow my intuition and my heart and I detached myself from my comfort zone and from everything I don’t need. The best thing about it: the satisfaction of seeing the progress of my students and their happy faces when the class ends.

 Which yoga class is the best for beginners?

Anyone, you don’t need to choose one type of yoga to get started, for every kind of yoga, there are beginners.

 Do you maintain a healthy diet? Do you make sure that the food you buy is free from additives, added sugar or artificial colorings?

Yes, I try to whenever I can. My everyday diet is vegetarian when I’m home, and I don’t make it too complicated, I love vegetables, legumes and nuts. When I go out to have dinner, I sometimes eat fish. Balance! haha

 What do you expect a drink to be?

To be as natural as possible, just like Kailani.

The Green Spot

Many have heard of the new healthy project by En Compañía de Lobos, The Green Spot, and, since these guys behind it boast extensive experience, we were sure it would be an absolute success.


Organic colours where wood and esparto combine to transform a large open space into a cosy corner. Simple, beautiful cutlery everywhere. And the object of our desire: WO & WÉ lamps that add a very art déco touch.

As the restaurant’s own motto says, this is a vegetarian menu for non-vegetarians: it’s able to convince even the most reluctant carnivore.

From the first to the last bite, you’ll love discovering all the new flavours on offer here. Their varied menu allows you to travel to different parts of the globe, from Asia to Latin America. At The Green Spot you’ll enjoy vegetables and legumes in all their versions, and you won’t even realise there’s no meat or fish on the menu.

Our personal favourites: we recommend starting with the kale chips, the beetroot tartare, the sweet potato spaghetti or any one of their original, delicious pizzas.

An extensive menu which, following the philosophy of The Green Spot — no sugars, no conservatives and strictly vegetarian — you will now be able to mix with our iced teas in any of their flavours.  Can you think of a better combination? Not us — cheers!