Kailani Ice Tea

OMA Bistró

Take a look inside the delicious world of OMA Bistró and be sure to remember the address for your next weekend plan. 

Location: Calle del Consell de Cent, 227 – 08011 Barcelona (Eixample)

Kind of food: Quality coffee, handmade cakes, natural juices & refreshing ice tea for some delicious brunches. 

Price: €

The Must-Try: The offering is wide for both savoury and sweet food lovers but the French toast with fresh fruits, syrup and whip cream will not leave anyone indifferent. 

The special touch: Their compromise to use local and seasonal products for a quality menu throughout the year. 

Crowd: International and local brunch aficionados looking for a delicious experience. 

Dress Code: Retro vintage clothes to be as one with the decoration. 

The best table: On the leather couches by the window for a truly feel-at-home atmosphere. 

Good for: A perfect Sunday morning with old friends.

Molika Café

Discover Molika Cafe, with their two charming places in Eixample and Poblenou they offer you one of the best breakfasts of Barcelona.


– Calle de Casp, 57 – 08010 Barcelona

– Calle de Bilbao 90 – 08005 Barcelona

Kind of food : Coffee, homemade pastries, salads, sandwiches juices and natural ice tea. 


The Must-Try: The wide breakfast offer with many sweet and savoury options to perfectly start your day. The healthy food lovers will always have the choice to go for an açai or yogurt bowl, as colourful as they are nutritional. 

The special touch: Both places have a charming vintage vibe and just as the outdoor sign warns you, you can feel that the food is made with love.

Crowd: Breakfast lovers willing to start their day with quality food. 

Dress Code: Chocolate colour outfit.  

The best table: The closer yo are to the homemade pastries, the better. 

Good for: Share a good morning with a special person. 

Martin Schopf

Get to know Martin Schopf, originally from Austria, EADA student by day and pro football freestyler by night. 

Originally from Austria, what made you come to Barcelona?
As my girlfriend found a cool opportunity to work here, she inspired me to move here as well. I’ve had the chance to travel quite a lot in the past years but it has been the first time for me to really live in another country and it has been one of the best experiences for me. 

How would you describe the football freestyle?
For me, football freestyle is a mixture of sport and art. It is not only about performing difficult tricks while juggling a football, but also about creating your own style and expression.

How and when did you start?
With 14 I had problems with my knee and couldn’t play football on the field for a few months. During these months almost every day, I went to a park to improve my technique and practice freestyle and saw a lot of progress in the beginning. Eventually, after getting to know and being inspired by other people in the freestyle scene, I decided to fully focus on it.

Who influenced you the most?
I believe that my father’s passion for photography and music have always inspired me a lot to also stay dedicated to what I enjoy most. 

What is the achievement that you are the most proud of?
I’m proud and feel grateful for having had the chance to reach the world finals a few times and also perform in other countries. The coolest for me, however, has always been when I was able to inspire others, as I still remember how I excited I felt when I got started.

How many hours per week do you train?
Right now, 1-2 hours for 5-6 days a week.

What is your personal motto?
I don’t really have a motto per se, but I try to live my life being grateful and being the best, I can be. 

An item you couldn’t live without?
A football hahaha.

The best advice someone ever gave you? And an advice you would give to someone that wants to start football freestyle?
“If you blame it on someone else, don’t expect it to get better.”
An advice I would give to any beginner would be to focus on enjoying the sport as much as possible without comparing yourself too much to others, especially online. Sometimes it can be really frustrating to learn new moves, but if you have patience and enjoy the process everything will come sooner or later. 

Now we will ask you some quick questions to get to know you better. 

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl.

Midnight swim or morning run?
Midnight swim.

Viena or Barcelona?
Love both.

Inside or outside?
In Barcelona always outside.

Sport or hobby?

Natural skills or hard work?
20% natural skills, 80% hard work

Balance or strength?

Black, white or green? Talking about Kailani of course 😉

The Healthiest Choice

Located in the heart of Barceloneta, 5min away from the beach you will find the paradise of healthy food lovers. As tasty as it is nutritious, there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure in The Healthiest Choice. 

Location: Mercado de Plaza Poeta Bosca, 1 – 08003 Barcelona

Kind of food : Delicious brunch, weekly menus, pancakes, salads, toasts and many more options. 


The Must-Try: Try out their weekly plan and enjoy everyday a delicious and healthy meal delivered right at your door. Save money and time while taking care of yourself with nutritious food. 

The special touch: The big and luminous space and the amazing location. Perfect to enjoy after a little swim in the sea. 

Crowd: Young and healthy curious from Barcelona and abroad. 

Dress Code: Swimwear and sunscreen. 

The best table: Near by the window to enjoy the amazing light. 

Good for: A nice brunch with friends after enjoying the beach. 

Win a brunch with Ulabox and Kailani

How to enter the competition? Follow @kailaniicetea and @ulabox, like the post and tag two friends with whom you would like to share it in the comments below the post. This Friday 17th we will announce the winner. Good luck to everyone!

The deadline for participation is Friday 17th of May 2019 at 15h00.

On Friday 17th of May 2019 at 15h30 the winner will be chosen randomly between all participants that fulfil the conditions mentioned above.

The winner will be announced on the same day on Instagram. Kailani will then contact the winner through Instagram to arrange the prize.

Art I Sa

Located in the heart of Barcelona, between the mythical Plaza Real and the famous Rambla, Art I Sa offers the best coffee, homemade cakes and natural ice tea. 

Location: Calle de Colom, 2 – 08002 Barcelona

Kind of food : Ice cream, homemade cakes, smoothies, sandwiches. You will find happiness between their Catalan specialties and international delicacies.


The Must-Try: Come in the morning and enjoy their delicious breakfast – homemade apple pie, beautiful latte, good vibes and Kailani. 

The special touch: The joyful team and the beautiful location. 

Crowd: Tourists and locals looking for having their own sweet time. 

Dress Code: A camera, shorts and tan lines. 

The best table: Outside on the small tables to enjoy the never-ending energy of the street. 

Good for: Starting your day the best way possible. 

La Bodega del Sol

Located in the heart of Gracia and the place to visit if you are a craft beer and original soft drinks lovers. Do you know Bodega del Sol? 

Location: Plaça del Sol, 2 – 08012 Barcelona

Kind of drinks : National and imported drinks, with different flavours and from different countries but always high quality. 


The Must-Try: Depending on your personal tastes and with the good advice of the expert of La Bodega del Sol you will find what you were looking for. 

The special touch: The amazing location and the certainty to always find the most special and quality drinks for yourself or for a special event.  

Crowd: Gracia curious passerbys and beer fanatics. 

Dress Code: A dry mouth and bottle opener in the pocket. 

The best table: Across the street, on Plaça del Sol.

Good for: An evening with old friends. 

Fit Kitchen

Where fit means delicious, discover the colourful world of Fit Kitchen. 

Location: Calle de la Diputación, 280 – 08009 Barcelona

Kind of food : Healthy food in the form of salads, burgers, breakfast, bowls, juices, smoothies and natural ice teas. 


The Must-Try: The amazing beetroot hummus with oven baked toast and the tuna takati bowl. Is there a better way to finish your day? 

The special touch: The incredible atmosphere is the perfect mix between elegance and freshness. 

Crowd: Fit people from all around the world. 

Dress Code: Stylish sportswear. 

The best table: Under the vegetal wall and in front of the impressive bar. 

Good for: After a good workout with friends. 

Labar – Laundry Bar

Transform your boring laundry day into a gourmet experience in the first ever laundry bar of Barcelona – Labar.

Location: Calle del Consell de Cent, 442 – 08013 Barcelona

Kind of food : Speciality coffee, natural ice tea and delicious sandwiches, homemade pastries and more. 


The Must-Try: Their delicious and healthy quinoa bowl with one of their veggie quiches are the very best combination for a light lunch. 

The special touch: Obviously the amazing and smart idea of being able to spend your usually quite boring laundry time in a welcoming and gourmet place. 

Crowd: Friendly neighbours wanting to take their laundry to the next level. 

Dress Code: A laundry basket under the arm. 

The best table: Near by the delicious homemade cakes. 

Good for: Any occasion, anytime.