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Kailani was born out of a desire for a refreshing drink that does you good, but tastes great too.

A tasty alternative to sugar laden soft drinks and bland health drinks which suck the joy out of life. Kailani improves on what’s good about ice tea and gets rid of the bad. With no artificial ingredients, no added sugar and absolutely no compromise on taste, Kailani natural ice teas were created. They are made in Spain with pure spring water. They also happen to check in at less than 50 calories per bottle.

The name comes from Hawaii, where Kailani means Sea and Sky and reflects a general sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of life. Just what we want you to get from our ice teas.


Our natural ice teas contain no artificial ingredients, no added sugar and less than 50 calories and are made in Spain with pure spring water.

Black tea and lemon
Green tea, lime and ginger
White tea and peach


We believe we should take care of ourselves but also the world that surrounds us. We try to minimise our effect on the environment and protect it and the sea as much as possible. That is why we use glass bottles instead of plastic ones.

We also commit to donating a percent of our sales to Surfrider Foundation.

Surfrider Foundation organises educational campaigns and actions such as beach clean ups in order to protect the ocean and the coast and reduce the use of plastic in our daily life.

You can find Kailani at the most enlightened places in Barcelona, Madrid, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and beyond. To see some of our featured establishments, have a look here:

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