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Macchina Pasta Bar

Take a look into the Italian world of Macchina Pasta Bar and its dedication to fresh and homemade Italian pasta. 


C/ Asturies, 17 

C/ Escudellers, 47 

C/ Balmes, 12

C/ Parlament, 1 

Kind of food: The best pasta, lasagna, salad, burrata and other Italian homemade specialties. 


The Must-Try: Made with love, water, flour and eggs, the fresh pasta is obviously a must-try while visiting one of the four Macchina Pasta Bar. According to your tastes and desires, you can create your perfect pasta with the freshest ingredients and the tastiest sauce. 

The Special Touch: To make the perfect pasta, you need the best machine. And Macchina Pasta Bar understood it, this is why they still use a pasta maker machine created almost 100 years ago in New York’s Little Italy. 

Crowd: Italy lovers.

Dress Code: A moustache and a white tanktop.