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03 May Kailani People: All Those

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ALL THOSE is for everyone who is passionate about food: artisans, chefs, producers, enthusiasts.

 ALL THOSE is Viqui and Santi’s dream — two 30-something-year-olds from Barcelona, economists and entrepreneurs, who  after finishing their studies decided to try their luck in New York, a city that nurtured their passion for gastronomy. But it wasn’t until they visited Berlin that they finally decided what they wanted to pour all their energies into. It’s in this city full of creativity that they discovered their greatest source of inspiration, the “Markthalle Neun” — a market of food entrepreneurs in the heart of Kreuzberg. As Viqui says, “what’s most appealing about this market is its young, fresh atmosphere made up of people who are passionate about gastronomy.”

Today we’re here to bring you a little closer to Viqui y Santi, to get stuck into their philosophy and upcoming projects.

So what is the idea behind ALL THOSE?

ALL THOSE is for everyone who is passionate about food. Entrepreneurs, artisans, chefs, producers, enthusiasts. They’re all welcome in our Food Market, and they’ll be just as welcome in the other projects we’re developing. The aim is to support food entrepreneurs, those with emerging projects, and offer them greater visibility.

What will we find there?

Craft beers, natural wines, music, workshops, “real” coffee and food from different parts of the world. The idea is that you come in and lose yourself for a few hours. We want people to spend the day there with friends and enjoy real food, surrounded by music and good vibes.

The ALL THOSE concept seems to be successful,  very successful in fact. What’s your secret?

The secret is to make your passion your career — we can definitely count ourselves among the lucky ones.

Why Barcelona?

We’re from Barcelona and we’re ardent supporters of doing things locally. There are great products and projects that need to be seen by more people. Having said that, we also support projects from other parts of the Peninsula, such as Andalusia, Madrid and La Rioja, among others.

Apart from ALL THOSE, what other projects do you have in store?

Next week we’re launching the second edition of IBCOFFEEFESTIVAL (Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival), on May 5 and 6.

This festival-homage to specialty coffee celebrates its second edition in Poblenou’s latest hub, Espacio88, and will be the supported by the biggest names in the coffee industryin Barcelona: Satans, Nomad, Right Side, Sky Coffee and, of course and, Viqui and Santi  

May 5 will be the day for professionals: chats with baristas and coffee experts, tastings, workshops, etc; and May 6 will be an open day for the rest of us. We foresee many visitors going on a pilgrimage there!

Man does not live by coffee alone: at IBCOFFEEFESTIVAL we also find food, natural wine, beers and drinks. What kinds of drinks do you enjoy?

The most natural ones we can find, of course!

Speaking of natural, in this edition of the IBCOFFEEFESTIVAL there’ll be iced tea on offer, such as KAILANI. What was it about this brand that appealed to you?

It’s a refreshing tea, created with care, and we also know the man behind the project personally, Guy. We love the fact that the project comes from a passionate local entrepreneur, and he’s been with us since the very beginning of the ALL THOSE Food Market. He’s been able to create a sustainable, environmentally sensitive product with no added sugars. Perfectly in line with our own philosophy and, as such, we couldn’t not have it at the Coffee Festival.

See you all this weekend at the IBCOFFEEFESTIVAL!


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