Kailani Ice Tea


Discover the magic world of Demasié where you will be surrounded by colour, positivity and the best cinnamon rolls in town. Will you be able to resist? 

Location: C/ de la Princesa, 28 – 08003 Barcelona

Kind of food: Rolls, cupcakes, cookies and delicious ice tea.


The Must-Try: It is not home of the cinnamon roll for nothing! So go ahead and try it, you won’t be disappointed. But don’t hesitate to come back soon after to try one of their many other delicious flavours: chocolate, dulce de leche, Oreo, Baklava…

The special touch: The unfailing good cheer of Marc, the owner of Demasié, and the incredible combined smell of the pastries coming out of the oven.

Crowd: Curious and regulars that followed their heart.

Dress Code: A loose t-shirt to be able to eat a lot without any complex.

The best table: Near by the rolls.

Good for: Cheering up after a bad day.


Have a look inside Zed, the welcoming French restaurant near by La Sagrada Familia where you can refresh yourself with our healthy ice tea. 

Location: Calle de València, 399 – Eixample,

Kind of food: Fusion of French, Mediterranean and Spanish food.

Price: €€-€€

The Must-Try: The homemade bread, the tasty and wide collection of natural wines and the delicious French desserts will make you travel to Paris without even leaving Barcelona.

The Special Touch:  From another time and modern at the same time, the welcoming atmosphere and the friendly staff of the cozy restaurant are the soul of this beautiful place, renowned for its impeccable service.

Crowd: Families and couples have made this hidden gem home.

Dress Code: A beret, a sailor shirt and a moustache.

The best table: The table on the little terrace outside the entrance to sip a glass of wine while enjoying the friendly neighbourhood.

Good for: Impressing your crush on a first date.

Museu del Disseny

Inside the Museu del Disseny of Barcelona you can enjoy the Cafeteria Sauleda where creativity and design meet gastronomy in a bright and relaxed space.

Location: Museu del Disseny de Barcelona – Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 37 – 08018 Barcelona

Kind of food: Fast quality restoration, sandwiches, cakes, soft drinks and coffee.


The Must-Try: The philosophy of each one of Sauleda’s cafeteria is based on making every dish and cake with the greatest care and the best ingredients. So we recommend you to let yourself be amazed by what they offer and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

The special touch: Besides being located at the heart of Barcelona’s artistic creation, the cafeteria space has been designed to provide the best light at any time of the day and for each visitor to feel at home. On one side, the shelving bar, on the other side, two large design benches, as nice as they are comfortable, allow you to take full advantage of the space.

Crowd: Designers and curious creatives.

Dress code: Multicoloured clothes and two open eyes.

The best table: On one of the design benches just near by the window.

Good for: Quenching your creative thirst in a cozy environment.


Fresh, handmade and unique, discover Lukumas’ Greek doughnuts in its two beautiful and delicious shops. 

Location: C/ Valldonzella, 36 – Raval

C/ del Torrent de l’Olla, 169 – Gracia

Kind of food: Greek doughnuts  and other kind of pastries, bagels, juices, coffee and Kailani.


The Must-Try: The “Lukumas” obviously, classic iced doughnut on which you can chose to add the toping that you prefer. Black chocolate, white chocolate, dulce de leche, the possibilities are endless.

The special touch: The founder Petro, former graphic designer in Greece, continues now the “Lukumas” family tradition in Barcelona. Quality raw material, his doughnuts are handmade daily with the greatest care to ensure a unique flavour. Moreover, the two shops in Raval and Gracia are beautiful. A mix of vintage pieces and fresh colours invite you to stay all afternoon long to eat Lukumas’ delicacies.

Crowd: Sweet teeth hipsters.

Dress Code: A moustache and a belly.

The best table: Hidden in a corner to eat all of the doughnuts with ease.

Good for: Ending your diet.

Bendita Helena

We invite you to Bendita Helena, home of the Comfort Food, where food is not only made with the best organic ingredients but also with lot of love. 

Its concept already convinced honest food lovers and it seems to appeal to more and more curious people looking for authentic and simple food. 

Location: C/ Morales, 27 – Les Corts

Kind of food: Salads, toast, cakes. Always vegetarian, flexitarian and gluten-free.

Price: €-€€

The must-try: Everyday, they offer us a combination of the best products. Quinoa, tomatoes, crusty bread, avocado, homemade cakes and bread… The most difficult part, choosing!

So, we recommend you to allow yourself to be surprised by all the delicacies offered by Bendita Helena, but do try the fantastic Bendita Carrot Cake!

The special touch: Bendita Helena is one of those places where you immediately feel like home. Its atmosphere, just like its employees, is welcoming, and its elegance from another time.

Crowd: Bendita Helena lovers are all different but we can meet many young creatives amongst the most loyal clients.

Dress code: Glasses, a book and good vibes.

The best table: The table that lets you have a look at the gastronomic incubator COOCIO and their chefs always working on the latest delicacies.

Good for: Enjoying a brunch with friends.


Discover Chivuo’s, one of the best street food restaurants in Barcelona. Famous for its authentic sandwiches, home made chips and original craft beer. 

Location: Fortunately for us, we can enjoy Chivuo’s burgers throughout Barcelona. Raval, Gracia or Eixample, the toughest part is choosing.

Kind of food: Using their own words, we could say that the kind of food is « Slow Street Food ».

Price: €€

The Must-Try: Although we like them all, our favourite one is the « Chivuo’s » burger. The original recipe combines perfectly with the home made chips and the delicious barbacoa sauce. Then, you’ll only need to refresh yourself with a Kailani and enjoy the moment.

The Special Touch: The jam jars they use as glasses for the craft beer and the old glass bottles that contain the home made sauces give an authentic and friendly touch to all three restaurants.

Crowd: Young people from all around the world who share a passion for quality street food.

Dress Code: Jeans, a beard and Dr Martens.

The best table: The bigger the better so you can order more.

Good for: A Sunday night to finish the weekend as you deserve.

Poké Maoli

Let yourself be seduced by the Hawaiian flavours of Poké Maoli, the first Poke place of Barcelona that everyone is talking about. 

Location: You can almost feel the sand under your feet as it is located 10m away from the beach in Calle Sevilla 80 in La Barceloneta.

Kind of food: It’s own kind, the Poke bowls. A fresh mix of colourful and healthy products such as raw fresh fish, rice, quinoa, vegetables with sweet or savoury sauce.

Price: €€

The Must-Try: In Poke Maoli, you do it your way. The possibilities are endless, you just have to let your inspiration and your stomach decide for you.

The Special Touch: The location of Poke Maoli is perfect. In 2min you can enjoy your Poke Maoli in its sustainable bowl on the beach of Barceloneta. What more could you ask for?

Crowd: Tourists, beach addicts, neighbours all agree that there is something addictive about those bowls.

Dress code: Hawaiian shirt, flip flops and a smile.

The Best Table:  Bare feet on the beach, with the W Hotel on the right and « The Cubes » on your left.

Good for:  Relaxed, healthy lunch break.



📷: @mary_orozcoo

Cal Fruitós

Discover the local fruit and vegetable stores Cal Fruitós where you can already find your Kailani Ice Tea. 

Where to refresh yourself?

Throughout the whole city! In fact, the chain has 10 stores, 8 of them located all over Barcelona: Eixample, Grácia, Sant Martí, La Sagrera.. Discover here where you can find the best fruits and vegetables of Barcelona, ​​and the best ice teas.

The Special Touch: For almost 80 years, Cal Fruitós family has been specialized in the sale of fruits and vegetables. This know-how and this passion for fresh products guarantee the purchase of local and quality products at all time.

What can be found in Cal Fruitós?

Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can get a great variety of fresh and healthy products in each of Cal Fruitós’ stores. From olive oil from Siurana to Falset wine, daily consumption organic products and sugar-free or Stevia sweetened delicacies, everyone finds their happiness!

Crowd: Lovers of fresh and healthy products.

Dress code: Wicker basket and a flower shirt


Located in the heart of the Gothic district, Enkel is on a little street between Plaza Saint Jaume and Plaza Real. With its modern and purified style, Enkel has become the place-to-be to enjoy a cool afterwork, quality hamburgers or an unforgettable brunch.

Location: Baixada de Sant Miquel, 6 – Gothic District.

Kind of food: Brunch, burgers, salads.

Price: $$

The Must-Try: Enkel has recently opened but everyone already agrees on the quality of their dishes, an explosion of flavour and freshness! We recommend its already famous Shakshuka, the perfect combination to start your day.

The Special Touch: the balance between the modernism of the design, the authenticity of its products, and its commitment to serve craft and local products. Handmade beers, local wines, specialty coffee and quality soft drinks are the key words of the alternative proposal made by Enkel. Also, the service is always perfect and the staff very friendly.

Crowd: Like its owners, Fabio and Jovan, Enkel’s lovers are young and cool and want to eat and drink well.

Dress code: Check shirt and glasses.

The Best Table: The table of the window that lets you look at the pedestrians of the Baixada de Sant Miquel walking down the old town.

Good for: Afterwork with colleagues to enjoy fresh drinks and lounge music.